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Master data management with the development of tools for automated checking of your master data is our strength.

ID Validation from erpware

The ID Validation is our software for checking your master data. The modular structure allows us to extend it and give you a central tool.

We have been developing and selling software for over 10 years now and have always adapted and expanded the functions of our standard software according to customer requirements. Until the end of 2019, our software was distributed under the name VAT Validation. This software has been completely integrated into the module “VAT Validation” and further adapted to the needs.

ID Validation with module VAT Validation

Our modules of ID Validation

VAT Validation

Check all your VAT registration numbers to make sure they are valid. Learn more:

details about VAT Validation

EORI Validation

Check all your EORI numbers for validity. Learn more:

details about EORI Validation

Duplicate Check

Clean up your addresses and find duplicate records. Learn more:

Duplicate Check details

The functions of ID Validation are extended via modules and are automatically available to every user as soon as we release them. This means that you will automatically benefit from new modules and thus always get more features to use as part of your licensing.

Our newest module, the “Duplicate Check” is available with the release of version 1.5.0. In the test version, some cleanups and duplicate checks are available free of charge.

Besides cleaning typos and standardizing the entered data, we can also identify duplicate entries. But before this module is made available, we are working flat out to complete new features of ID Validation itself. This includes the import of JSON and also Microsoft Excel.

For all our customers, this module is free of charge and will be available immediately after updating to version 1.5.0.

In our roadmap you can learn more about this.

Since version 1.4.3 of our ID Validation the module EORI Validation is available. With this module you have the possibility to validate a single EORI number or even the complete set of EORI numbers in your ERP system. All customers will receive the module automatically with the update to version 1.4.3 of our ID Validation.

Do you need an individual application to check your master data or would you like to check data for quality at regular intervals?

We would be happy to work with you to create a solution that is tailored to your needs.

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