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About erpware

erpware was founded by Daniel Seichter back in 2010. Initially active in software development in the ERP area, we expanded our portfolio to include consulting and optimization of processes in the master data area. Already in the early years the first small software was developed and distributed. This software is known today as USt-IdNr-check. Over the years and gaining further experience in customer projects, we stand as a company for software in the master data area. Some applications have made it to product maturity.

In addition to software development, we are also active in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and terraform (IaC). Here we can take on several roles. Starting with the design of the infrastructure up to the complete implementation with terraform, several years of experience can be brought in.

Software development

We develop all Windows desktop applications with Embarcadero Delphi 11 and Lazarus. For REST API development, we rely exclusively on Python. The synergies of both worlds are well demonstrated in one or the other application we have developed for customers.

We do not only sell standard software. Customized solutions can also be realized by us. In doing so, we follow an extremely agile approach and try to provide our customers with a first version as quickly as possible. This allows us to react iteratively to changes in advance.

Not only new software, but also already existing software we can maintain and update for you. The only prerequisite is that you own all source code and we get access to it. Of course, this should be the programming language Delphi or Object Pascal. We can handle other programming languages, but we make a clear statement that we do not wiggle our principles for money.

We welcome any software development challenge you would like to present to us.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and terraform

Since 2016, we have been running our own services exclusively on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Since 2018, every single resource is also recorded with terraform and reproducible at any time. We also have a clear idea of how we can help customers through this experience we have gained ourselves. If you want to use our service, you will not only get experience from AWS. Our experience in IT goes back to the year 2000 and so some of what has been accumulated until today will be valuably brought into your project.

You have already deployed services in AWS and want to capture them in terraform? We would be very happy to support you in this. Would you like to have your existing infrastructure checked to see if you are really getting everything out of AWS? Sometimes it’s worth investing a little time.

We also have a basic principle with AWS and terraform: AWS is not a host of servers for us. But if you fully commit to AWS services, we can become a good team and make your project a success.

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