About us

About erpware

erpware was founded by Daniel Seichter back in 2010. Initially active in software development in the ERP area, we expanded our portfolio to include consulting and optimization of processes in the master data area. Already in the early years the first small software was developed and distributed. This software is known today as VAT-Validation. Over the years and gaining further experience in customer projects, we stand as a company for software in the master data area. Some applications have made it to product maturity.

Software for your master data

Our software, which we develop and sell as erpware, is used exclusively for the verification of master data. We have set this focus over the years. Especially the gap between automation and the focus of ERP applications or ERP manufacturers we can close. Also in terms of price, we can openly face the competition, because we face a challenge with our software in each case. This eliminates the need for complicated implementation, integration or the like.

Any feedback from our customers is reviewed and in many cases leads to an enhancement of our software.

We deal openly with our mistakes and were able to clarify the vast majority of difficulties.

Nevertheless, and also precisely because software is not error-free, a test on your part is necessary before the productive use of our software. We have not always thought of all exceptions and so-called “edge cases”. All the more we are pleased when we are made aware of them and thus everyone can benefit from them.

By continuously optimizing our development and testing processes, we have been able to release a new version within 24 hours since the first version was launched.

Tools and little helpers

We have deliberately published our tools, such as the AWS Manager, as free and open source applications. We use some commercial and licensed applications, but also a lot of freeware and open source applications.

Over the last years, since erpware exists (and even before), we have developed ourselves small tools for many concerns, so that we can do recurring tasks better. But not only these, but also supporting tools, like Workdir, have helped us to do less clicks to get faster to our goal.

We pass on these tools as they are. And we have been happy about all feedback so far, even if it was negative. Because only in this way, we could rethink our own perspective and change one or the other feature. We have a lot more of these tools “in stock”, but we can’t afford the time and related costs in full. Therefore, we are also happy about a donation, which we use 100% and exclusively for the respective tool.