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Create sample files

Today we have released new versions for all our products for master data verification right away. The reason for this is the two new functions that we have implemented for all products.

Create sample files

Due to several requests on how to build an import file, we have created the possibility to generate a sample file for all formats (CSV, JSON and XLSX). This contains the correct structure and can be used as a basis for the import.

These are available for selection via the Extras – Sample files menu. Just select the location and the file will be created.

Installation without administration rights

The lack of authorization when installing our application should not be a reason for not being able to use the software. We have therefore changed our installation routine to allow you to install our software products in your user context without needing administration rights. We hope that this will allow us to help not only one, but several customers (and those who would like to become one) to provide support in checking master data.

The update with version 2022.05.04 is available for all software products (VAT-Validation, EORI-Validation, Swiss UID-Validation and Duplicate Check).

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Runtime error during EORI-Validation fixed

The just released version 2022.03.26 of our EORI-Validation has not only got an improvement in the program interface. Rather, this update fixes a runtime error that caused not every check to run successfully due to a change in the interface.

User interface modification

After separating ID Validation into individual applications, we have now slowly started to work on the applications visually as well. To avoid misunderstandings in the operation, we have arranged some elements of the interface differently. Also some additional information has now been organized differently so that it is easier to understand.

Runtime error fixed

Due to the change in the EOS interface for the EORI-Validation, runtime errors occurred frequently in the last few days. We have now revised the processing of the feedback and stabilized it as far as possible. Therefore, we strongly recommend to update to the latest version.

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Correction: VAT number check and special characters

The version of our VAT-Validation released today corrects a bug in the processing of special characters. If certain characters were returned, such as a single apostrophe, it could cause the processing to be aborted under certain conditions.

This termination could result in an audit being incorrectly evaluated as negative. This resulted in a VAT ID number being returned as invalid. In some cases, processing was also aborted completely.

We would only be able to reproduce the behavior in the VIES interface (the BZSt interface is not affected) and here, interestingly enough, not even in every test run.

Nevertheless, we have changed the complete processing of special characters within the data of companies (company name, street, etc.).

Your assistance:

If you find that you have records that are incorrectly returned as invalid, but they are returned as valid in the online offerings of the respective institutions, please send us that record.

Please send them on the page of our support.

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Dark Mode for AWS Manager

We are very happy about the version 1.9.5 of our AWS Manager released today. First, we now have a Dark Mode to improve the look and feel of the AWS Manager. You can activate or deactivate this via the settings. In addition, we have made some tweaks to the UI to allow more AWS resources to be displayed in the view.

AWS Manager - Dark Mode
AWS Manager – Dark Mode

In addition, we would like to draw your attention to our new AWS Manager page. We are still interested in receiving your feedback to make our tool even better. For this purpose, we have created the page for collecting your suggestions.

Please take a few minutes to let us know what service or resource you are missing from AWS in our AWS Manager.

What’s next for the AWS Manager?

Well, we are very happy to answer this question:

  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • AWS Trusted Advisor
  • Support for multiple AWS accounts

Whether exactly in this or another order remains to be seen.

Please also support us by sharing AWS Manager with your friends, colleagues and acquaintances. It doesn’t always have to be a donation or a link on your blog.

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New signing of our software

Today we have released a new version for all our software products and tools.

This release was necessary because our existing CodeSigning certificate will expire. We have validated a new certificate. Via this signing you can verify that the applications are really from us.

About the properties of all applications from us, you can check the authenticity of the software.


We have only re-signed the existing code unless otherwise stated.

Do you have any questions about this? We will be very happy to answer your questions.

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Massive improvement in performance

Finally, we were able to complete the performance overhaul of our Duplicate Check.

As the number of records to be checked increased, so did the desire to continue optimizing performance. Until now, the solution was always the same: “Please check whether a virus scanner is affecting the process. Please add the duplicate check to the list of exceptions”.

However, this could not be done by every customer, nor was it an actual solution.

Now we have completed the revision and were able to reduce the duration of the test by 84%. If 100,000 records previously took about 12 minutes, they are now processed in just under 2 minutes.

With the release of the latest version we have also changed something in the trial version. All checks are now fully available. However, the duplicate check only processes the first 100 records without a valid license. This should be sufficient for a first impression.

Many thanks to our customers and prospects who have given us feedback in the past about our duplicate check.

Duplicate Check 2022.01.25
  • Massive performance improvements for more than 100,000 data sets
  • All checks are now free for the first 100 records in the trial version for better testing.
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New: Duplicate Check 2022.01.23

Today we have released our latest version of the Duplicate Check.

Duplicate Check 2022.01.23
  • NEW: Option to split results into different files
  • CHG: integrate IDV service into main application (reduce dependencies)
  • FIX: issue for lower/upper field names
  • FIX: translation of some windows and labels
  • FIX: in some specific cases, a duplicate entry was identified as unique

Please note:

Please report any performance issue. Let us know, how many entries you are try to check.

We look forward to your feedback and will incorporate it in the further development of the Duplicate Check. This is the only way we can continuously improve our product.

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New payment methods in the store

Since this weekend we support additional payment methods in our store!

You can now choose from the following payment methods and providers:

  • Credit card (so far only possibility)
  • paypal
  • giropay
  • Sofort

Please let us know if you find that a payment method is not working. Only when we know that we have a problem, we can solve it.

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Workaround for file import

Unfortunately, we found out today that we have an error in the imports (ID Validation, VAT-Validation, EORI -Validation, Swiss UID-Validation and Duplicate Check).

The case-sensitive XLSX and CSV (when column headers are used) now only recognizes lowercase letters.

A workaround for the bug is to write the headings completely in lowercase, as described in the respective documentation. We are working on fixing the problem and will gradually release the corrected versions starting tomorrow.

The following versions are affected:

SoftwareVersions affectedcorrected in version
ID Validation<= 1.5.6>= 1.5.7
VAT-Validation<= 2022.01.12>= 2002.01.18
EORI-Validation<= 2022.01.12>= 2002.01.18
Swiss UID-Validation<= 2022.01.12>= 2002.01.18
Duplicate Check<= 2021.12.20not yet available

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Background processing correction

Today we have released a new version 2022.01.22 of our software products VAT-Validation, EORI-Validation and Swiss UID-Validation.

An error in the background processing was reported to us. After a thorough check, we unfortunately found an error in the logic during import. This led to the fact that the files were not recognized and thus could not be processed.

Please update your installed version to ensure that background processing continues to work without errors.

We welcome any feedback you may have. Only in this way can we make our software even better and optimally support you in checking your master data.