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Correction: VAT-Validation and special characters

The version of our VAT-Validation released today corrects a bug in the processing of special characters. If certain characters were returned, such as a single apostrophe, it could cause the processing to be aborted under certain conditions.

This termination could result in an audit being incorrectly evaluated as negative. This resulted in a VAT ID number being returned as invalid. In some cases, processing was also aborted completely.

We would only be able to reproduce the behavior in the VIES interface (the BZSt interface is not affected) and here, interestingly enough, not even in every test run.

Nevertheless, we have changed the complete processing of special characters within the data of companies (company name, street, etc.).

Your assistance:

If you find that you have records that are incorrectly returned as invalid, but they are returned as valid in the online offerings of the respective institutions, please send us that record.

Please send them on the page of our support.