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Duplicate Check: settings for processing

On the tab card you have the possibility to define some settings for the Duplicate Check. These will be taken into account during processing. These settings are described in detail below.

ID Validation Settings Duplicate Processing


The separator is only relevant for the import of CSV files for the Duplicate Check (regardless of whether batch processing or background processing). The data is split into individual values based on this separator and prepared for checking. Please consider when setting the separator to an occurrence in your master data. A comma or a semicolon can possibly occur in a company name and lead to an error in the processing. We have defined the pipe character “|” as default. For JSON and XLSX this separator is not necessary.

Character encoding of the output

With this setting you have the possibility to control the code page of the CSV output of the Duplicate Check. UTF-8 is specified here by default. If the CSV file is further processed with Microsoft Excel, it is recommended to use Win1252 (this corresponds to the ANSI encoding).

If the data records in the output file of the Duplicate Check are not displayed correctly in your text editor or in Microsoft Excel, for example with umlauts, please also set this parameter to a different one than the one currently set for you. This solves display problems in most cases.