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EORI Validation: Use background processing

Background processing allows you to use the EORI Validation module periodically and automatically. Some settings have to be made in advance for this.

ID Validation Background Processing

Only output invalid EORI number to export file

With this option you have the possibility that only invalid EORI numbers are output to the export file. If e-mail dispatch has been activated, the clerk will accordingly also receive only these entries from the imported file.

Especially in case of large amounts of data or very regular EORI checks, this can save the mailbox of the user or the released group.

No headings in CSV export file

Activate this option so that no headers are output in the CSV export file of the EORI Validation.


So that the background processing can properly perform the file processing of the EORI check, please specify completely for all necessary directories. Please note that the directories must be different from each other so that, for example, an endless loop of checks does not occur if the export file is repeatedly recognized as the file to be imported.

If the directories are not specified for the EORI Validation, background processing cannot be performed. If you have specified directories that do not yet exist, the module will try to create them the first time it is called. If the necessary rights are not available or the creation fails, you will receive a corresponding message.