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ID Validation: Software update

To run an update, please terminate all running instances of ID Validation. Run the installer downloaded from our download page and follow the instructions of the installer. All settings from a previous installation will remain.

If changes to your settings are necessary on the program side, these will be communicated by a note when the updated version is started for the first time. If new settings necessary for processing are added, they will be set up with default values. We always try to keep your settings when updating.

Preparation and test

Before updating your productive environment, please test whether the new version works without problems with your settings. Especially when using the cli, a simple exchange of versions can cause problems. We point out any changes or expected problems within the changelogs.

Despite performing multiple test runs of an update, you may experience issues during or after installation. Please make sure that you have backed up your configuration or it is otherwise documented. In a few cases, an update may require you to completely uninstall ID Validation. All generated data, such as archives or directories used by the automation, will be preserved, so that at most the configuration must be performed again.