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VAT Validation: Execute command line interface (cli)

Execute command line interface (cli)

The background processing cannot be started from the user interface. To start background processing, open a command line in the directory where the ew_service_vat.exe file is located and call it with the --mode=auto parameter.

To use the European interface, add the --vies option.

The background processing will then process all VAT registration number files located in the import directory. A copy of the import file is always stored in the backup directory and the finished check result is stored in the export directory. Individual processing steps are recorded in the log directory.

The call for VAT Validation with the option --mode=auto can be scheduled via a repeating task or cronjob.


Execute ew_service_vat --help and you will get the overview of all parameters of the VAT Validation, which you can pass to the cli or service.

Usage of: ew_service_vat.exe [options]
-h  --help              Show this help
-v  --version           Version Return the version information.
    --lang              Language (de,en). Overwrites settings.
    --mode              Set the validation mode (single, batch, auto).
    --dataobject        JSON object for single validation mode.
    --inputfile         Input ImportData file for batch validation.
    --outputfile        Output file for batch validation.
    --returncodesbzst   Writes the returncodes for BZSt to user dir.
    --returncodesvies   Writes the returncodes for VIES to user dir.
    --testmail          Send a testmail.
    --vies              Use VIES instead of BZSt.
    --validatefile      Check file, if structure is readable.

-h --help

View all the necessary parameters that support the cli of the VAT Validation.

-v --version

Returns the current installed version of the VAT Validation.


This parameter allows you to specify or override the language of the VAT Validation.


The mode in which the VAT Validation should be performed.


This parameter is necessary for a single check of a VAT number.

-i --inputfile

Use this parameter to specify the file with data to be imported for the VAT Validation.

-o --outputfile

The export file for the VAT Validation is specified with this parameter. It is important that this is not identical to the import file.


This parameter creates a configuration file for the VAT Validation to process the return values of the BZSt interface.


This parameter creates a configuration file for the VAT Validation to process the return values of the VIES interface.


From the VAT Validation, test sending a test e-mail. After processing a file, an e-mail can be sent to you at the end.


This parameter specifies that the VIES interface is to be used and overwrites any deviating settings.


Check the import file of the VAT Validation for its formal correctness beforehand.

Outputs of the command line interface (cli)

All outputs are in JSON format and vary according to your return values.


The configuration of the ew_service_vat CLI is done via INI files or via the user interface application. For more information, see the page about the VAT Validation configuration files.