Welcome to erpware

Welcome to erpware. We support you with our software to check your master data!

For more than 10 years, erpware has been known for its software in the field of master data processing. We are also happy to create your individual software to solve your challenge.

Software by erpware

Our software helps you to check and validate your master data. Whether directly at your workplace or integrated into your ERP/CRM applications. We help you to check your master data.

You have a need for further verification of master data. Contact us so that we can review the requirements together. It may be that your requirement will result in a new software product. In this case we will of course take over the costs for the development.

Tools and little helpers

Besides the development of software for master data processing, we have developed other tools. These tools are mainly freeware and can be used free of charge.

AWS Manager - Manage Resources in Amazon Web Services

AWS Manager

Manage resources and instances

Workdir - Working with directories


Simplifies working with multiple directories

Python Starter

Python Starter

Execution of local Python scripts

Do you like a tool or use it on a daily basis? We have set up the possibility to support specific ones of these tools by sending a small donation via Paypal. With this income we reserve targeted capacities in our daily work to make the tools better or to expand them further.

Individual software from erpware

We not only develop and distribute our software, but also develop individual software together with our customers. In the last years we have implemented individual software for our customers several times. Thereby we had different forms successfully completed from the concept creation over the “pure” implementation of an existing concept or a very agile requirement.

Of course, after the development and release of the software is not the end. The software will be maintained and further developed.

We would be very happy to work with you to create a solution that is tailored to your needs.

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