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ID Validation application

ID Validation is our main application, which combines all modules for checking your master data. Download the installer and get a first impression. We have compiled more information about our modules for you.

ID Validation with module VAT Validation

Main functions of our ID Validation

  • Simple interface for the operation of the modules
  • No restrictions on the number of workstations
  • Configuration of general settings, such as network and e-mailing
  • Configuration of individual modules
  • Possibility to make the settings centrally for all employees
  • Check for updates via the Internet
  • No additional software necessary
  • Individual modules can also be used without licenses


Our main application ID Validation is under permanent development to meet your requirements. Have a look at our roadmap or let us know your wishes, suggestions or requirements via our contact form.

To be able to give you the most important answers in advance, we have summarized them in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and try to keep them up-to-date and expand them accordingly.

No data is transmitted to us. We exclusively use the available public interfaces such as those of the BZSt and VIES. Depending on the module, all checks are also performed offline, which means no data is transmitted to us or third parties from these modules. If we ever develop a module that should send data to us, we will announce this in the appropriate place and also disclose to you the data we collect.

The trial versions offer you the possibility to check up to 25 data records in one import process. Any additional records beyond this number will be processed, but the check result will be overwritten with a note, i.e. these cannot be used further. You must not bypass this limit if you split the files. The development and quality of the software depends on it.


Our modular structure allows us to provide the same basic functions and focus on the development of the interface connection. Each module is developed to the extent that allows you to use the software application that applies to you (manually, via import function or in the background).

For example, the VAT Validation module allows you to manually check your VAT number without generating additional costs.