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ID Validation: Roadmap of our software

Our ID Validation is constantly being developed and updated. Most of the new functions are based on requests from our customers, which we gladly accept.

We would like to give you an overview of all future enhancements of ID Validation and its modules. We have highlighted the newest feature in each case, because most of the changes will be made in so-called bugfix releases.

We continue to adapt our software to the requirements of our customers even after a release. Therefore it is important to get feedback from you. The easiest way to send us this feedback is to use our contact form.

We would very much like to receive your feedback on our roadmap, so we know if more customers are interested in a feature or a new module. We will add some kind of voting function to our roadmap in the near future. The higher the demand for a new feature or module, the faster we will implement it in one of the next versions.

Planned versions and functions

ID Validation 1.6.x

  • #62 New module: Swiss UID
  • #71 Implementation ODBC Connector

Module: “VAT number check” 4.x.x

  • currently no extension planned

Module: “EORI check” 2.x.x

  • currently no extension planned

Module: “Duplicate check” 1.x.x

  • currently no extension planned

Module: “Infoservice” 1.x.x

  • currently no extension planned