Massive improvement in performance

Finally, we were able to complete the performance overhaul of our Duplicate Check.

As the number of records to be checked increased, so did the desire to continue optimizing performance. Until now, the solution was always the same: “Please check whether a virus scanner is affecting the process. Please add the duplicate check to the list of exceptions”.

However, this could not be done by every customer, nor was it an actual solution.

Now we have completed the revision and were able to reduce the duration of the test by 84%. If 100,000 records previously took about 12 minutes, they are now processed in just under 2 minutes.

With the release of the latest version we have also changed something in the trial version. All checks are now fully available. However, the duplicate check only processes the first 100 records without a valid license. This should be sufficient for a first impression.

Many thanks to our customers and prospects who have given us feedback in the past about our duplicate check.

Duplicate Check 2022.01.25
  • Massive performance improvements for more than 100,000 data sets
  • All checks are now free for the first 100 records in the trial version for better testing.
Massive improvement in performance
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