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ID Validation 1.4.3 released - New module: EORI Validation

January 31, 2021

What has changed in version 1.4.3?

We managed to release our new module EORI Validation with version 1.4.3 released today. The EORI Validation module checks your existing EORI numbers and returns not only the status, but also the underlying data, such as the complete address of the holder of the EORI number.

As with the VAT Validation module, we have tried to ensure a consistent and easy-to-use interface. Therefore, the new module nestles into the interface and adds another standard module to ID Validation.

In the documentation you can find all further information.

Drag&Drop for ID Validation

With the new version 1.4.3 we have also implemented the possibility to specify the import file for batch processing now by drag&drop. Just drag the file (csv, json or xlsx) to the ID Validation window. Already you can start the validation.

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