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ID Validation 1.4.5 released

06. February 2021

What has changed in version 1.4.5?

Due to the ongoing problems with the interface of the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt), our customers have increasingly used the implementation of the MIAS interface. In the process, some errors were discovered, which we quickly corrected in our usual manner.

The Austrian ATU numbers were checked incorrectly. We analyzed this and could detect an error in the separation of the data for the VIES interface. We immediately made a correction with version 3.5.3 of the VAT Validation module.

During the revision, we also activated the archive function, which still had a beta status, but was already usable productively for the BZSt interface. This has also been fixed.

Furthermore, it could happen that in the raw data viewer the requests of the VIES/MIAS interface were not displayed correctly. We have checked the output again and compared the display of the data. Now everything should work correctly.

If you notice any other discrepancies, especially with the VIES interface, please let us know. We can check a lot, but unfortunately not everything and therefore depend on your feedback as well.

We are also working on new functions, which we would like to release as soon as possible.

  • Information system, as still known from version 2 of the USt-IdNr-Prüfung, to show you current information regarding the availability of the interfaces directly in the ID Validation.
  • Individually adjustable timeouts for all our connected interfaces to make a release like 1.4.4 not necessary and to be able to help you even faster (via the information system)

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