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ID Validation 1.5.0 released

May 16, 2021

Done! After almost three months of development and a complete refactoring of our services, the addition of additional services and the inclusion of our newest module, we are extremely pleased to release version 1.5.0.

New modules

We have developed not only the new duplicate check module, but also two small additional modules. We are very pleased to present them to you:

Duplicate Check

ID Validation - Module ‘Duplicate Check’ Clean Addresses and Find Duplicates

The module supports you in finding duplicate master data and pointing out common quality problems. The two-part module checks and normalizes your addresses in the first step, before checking all data for duplicates in the second step.

You can find the documentation via the menu below the Duplicate Check.

Information services

Information Services - ID Validation

This module replaces our newsletter. We use this service to be able to inform our customers more quickly about necessary information such as impairments of services (BZSt, EORI, VIES, etc.), but also when we publish important updates.

For more information, see the brief overview of the informationservice directly.

IDV Management

This module is our central interface to the “outside world” of ID Validation. All functions that were previously integrated in the different modules, we have packaged in this module. We do not provide documentation for this, as this is not necessary without ID Validation.

Other changes

A large number of changes have been made during the revision. We would like to discuss the most important ones here. You can find the detailed overview in our changelogs.

Configuration files

Our new format is now the INI format. When version 1.5 is started for the first time, all existing old configuration files are converted and archived. With the use of the INI files, the restructuring of the modules was also made possible and it is now easier for the customer to specify the necessary values for background processing.


We have completely revised all import interfaces and export interfaces. Export files are generated only at the end of processing, so that they are now complete and runtime errors are minimized. At the same time, this had brought a huge increase in performance and everything is prepared for parallel checks.

Call parameters

Some call parameters have changed. We would like to and must go into one of them at this point:

--mode auto now becomes --mode=auto.

You will find a complete overview in each case if you call the individual service with the -h option.


The complete program is now translated and available in English and German. Some translations were not complete.

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