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ID Validation 1.5.1 released

May 17, 2021

Just one day after the release of ID Validation 1.5, we released version 1.5.1.

Our changes in this version 1.5.1

Structure of the archive function

In order to avoid hitting a file system boundary with the archive function, we have introduced the following structure of archive files:

|- year
    |- month
        |- day

In our raw data viewer the archive files are automatically displayed with the corresponding structure.

Headings for CSV

When creating the export file, you can now choose whether the headings can be output for the CSV format or not.

ID Validation Background Processing

This setting can be set from the background processing tab. This setting also affects the export during batch processing.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the largely positive feedback for our new release 1.5.

Thank you very much!

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