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ID Validation 1.5.2 released

June 01, 2021

The just released version 1.5.2 fixes some bugs and makes it a bit easier to find the cause in case of support.

Our changes in this version 1.5.2

XLSX headers of the import

Unfortunately there was a bug in the XLSX import that did not recognize all headings cleanly. This resulted in incorrect checks of the records. However, the hint messages prevented an incorrect VAT number from being tested positively.

Format of the output file with VIES

When using the VIES interface, it could happen that the CSV format would have become unusable. We have replaced all line breaks that are included in the return with double hyphens --.

Improved error message

In case the services do not return valid values, we have added an additional error message that allows us to find the cause faster in case of support.

If you find that ID Validation is not working correctly or a feature you need is not present, please let us know. We appreciate any feedback to make ID Validation better.

Thank you very much!

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