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ID Validation 1.5.4 released

July 22, 2021

We released version 1.5.4 of our [ID Validation](/en/idvalidation/“ID Validation”) today.

Changes in version 1.5.4

Correction in the USt-IdNr check module

We have corrected an error that may have occurred with a change in the BZSt interface only since today. All past test data did not have this discrepancy.

Company names with a & in the name, e.g. company name GmbH & Co. KG, was incorrectly reported with a deviation in the company name. We have corrected this and released it with this version. Please update as soon as possible so that there are no falsifications in your test results.

Further information

We are currently working in the background on version 1.6.0, which will include an additional interface (ODBC).

Thank you very much!

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