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ID Validation 1.5.6 released

October 14, 2021

We released version 1.5.6 of our ID Validation today.

Changes in version 1.5.6

This is probably the last version before we make the jump to 1.6.

Further adjustments to new domain structure

Some of our customers have thankfully shared with us some notes related to the new domain structure. Some links to our documentation unfortunately pointed to a page that was no longer available. We have now corrected this. Thank you again and also a big thank you for the nice conversations about using ID Validation with you.

New platforms for support and sales

In order to further expand our customer service, we evaluated a number of things in the background and decided on two new systems. We now handle support entirely through Atlassian JIRA. You may have already noticed the small icon at the bottom of the website.

In addition, we have automated our entire sales process. We did this through the reseller platform Digistore24. So far, almost everything is covered through it. For our direct resellers we still need to extend the process, but this will also be completed in the next few days.

Thank you very much!

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