Swiss-UID-Validation — Validate Swiss UID Numbers


With our Swiss-UID-Validation you check single or all your existing Swiss UID numbers of your business partners.

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Validate Swiss UID Numbers

With our Swiss-UID-Validation, you can directly check individual Swiss company identification numbers.

Only for the batch processing and command line functions of the Swiss-UID-Validation (background processing) the purchase of a license is required. A license of our software is valid for one year.

Overview of functions

Single query

  • no limitation of installations on the workstation
  • direct query and response of interfaces
  • manual check can be used without licensing
  • check via standardized, simple interface
  • auditing (mostly) within a few seconds (depending on settings in the program)
  • storage of raw data for auditing
  • Audit at the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO)

Batch processing

  • Identical functions as single query
  • Processing (import) of
    • CSV
    • JSON
    • XLSX (Microsoft Excel)
  • detailed output to log files

Background processing

  • Identical functions as batch processing
  • 100% integration into existing applications possible
  • Completely controllable via CLI parameters
  • Possibility of a central directory for background processing
  • Sending of e-mails to clerks

For more information about Swiss-UID-Validation, see the detailed description page. We recommend reading the documentation.


We do not accept any liability for any loss of data that may occur as a result of using the Swiss-UID-Validation.

The Swiss-UID-Validation also has no influence on the determined result values. The program returns the Swiss UID check results only in a defined format (CSV, JSON or XLSX).

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