Release AWS Manager 1.3

03 October 2021

The third update is here. We have implemented the first basic feature for Amazon S3.

As with the other AWS resources, all S3 buckets are available to you. Select one of your S3 buckets and it will load all objects.

In the version that has now been released, we have only implemented object downloading. But you can be sure that we will add more functions here.

Depending on the selected object, you have the possibility to download only the single object, or a whole directory.

Please help us. Only if we know what features you need, we can make AWS Manager better.

small additional changes

We have made a small tweak to the interface. The more we use AWS Manager ourselves, the more often we also notice small bugs. Of course, we also look forward to your feedback.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve AWS Manager 1.3.

You can give us your feedback via our contact form or support area. Give us your feedback on our software. We appreciate every hint on what we can do better in our software.

Release AWS Manager 1.3
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