Swiss-UID-Validation — Validate Swiss UID Numbers

Validate Swiss UID Numbers

With our software Swiss-UID-Validation you directly check individual company identification number of Switzerland.

The main function of the software is to process imported files (batch processing). This allows you to integrate UID number checking into your existing ERP application. This allows you to regularly check your entire data inventory and integrate it into your process landscape.


Function overview Swiss-UID-Validation

Single query

  • no limitation of installations on the workstation
  • direct query and response of interfaces
  • manual check can be used without licensing
  • check via standardized, simple interface
  • auditing (mostly) within a few seconds (depending on settings in the program)
  • storage of raw data for auditing
  • Audit at the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO)

Batch processing

  • Identical functions as single query
  • Processing (import) of
    • CSV
    • JSON
    • XLSX (Microsoft Excel)
  • detailed output to log files

Background processing

  • Identical functions as batch processing
  • 100% integration into existing applications possible
  • Completely controllable via CLI parameters
  • Possibility of a central directory for background processing
  • Sending of e-mails to clerks

Only the functions of batch processing and command line interface (cli) of Swiss-UID-Validation require the purchase of a license.

Validate Swiss UID Number

Perform individual query of an Swiss UID number

Since you are allowed to install Swiss-UID-Validation on any workstation in your company for checking a Swiss UID number, the single query is also available to every employee.

Swiss-UID-Validation - Single Query
Swiss-UID-Validation – Single Query

This will save you from calling the website for the Swiss UID check, as our software uses exactly the same interface.

Validate Swiss UID number with batch processing

With the help of batch processing, you can set up a CSV, JSON or XLSX export from your ERP system and then have all the master data it contains checked directly with the Swiss-UID-Validation.

Swiss-UID-Validation - Batch Processing
Swiss-UID-Validation – Batch Processing

Select the file to be imported or drag and drop it onto the Swiss-UID-Validation and you can check the entire file. As with the single query, the interfaces of the SFSO are used. After a relatively short time you will have checked each Swiss UID number and logged this accordingly depending on your settings.

Setup command line interface (cli)

You can automate the batch processing. Get familiar with using our command line interface (cli) of Swiss-UID-Validation. With this function you even get the possibility to get the status of the check by e-mail. So nothing stands in the way of fully automating the checking of a Swiss UID number!

We have described in detail how to set up the software and how to check your Swiss UID numbers in our documentation. If you have further questions, feel free to have a look at our documentation. If you still have questions, contact us.

Notes for Swiss-UID-Validation

We assume no liability for any data loss that may occur due to the use of the Swiss-UID-Validation software.

The Swiss-UID-Validation also has no influence on the determined result values. The program only returns the Swiss UID check results in a defined format (CSV, JSON or XLSX). All other fields that are not necessary for the check are not output in the file with the check results.

If changes have been made to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (SFSO) interface, an update of the software will be created and made available after becoming aware of them. This is usually done within 24h after becoming aware.

We update our Swiss UID documentation of the Swiss-UID-Validation at regular intervals. This allows us to ensure that all important information is available to the user. In case of changes in the application, which do not require special instructions for the operation, we do not update this documentation compulsorily.

Further information

The structure of a country’s Swiss UID number is very well described on the website of the Swiss Federal Statistical Office.