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Overview of our tools and little helpers

Very gladly we provide our tools and little helpers for you. These tools help us in our daily work. We decided years ago to implement recurring tasks in a tool. In the course of time we have written many tools.

To be able to offer you these tools, we have completely revised them. We have reworked the interfaces. Brought the technical base up to par. And of course added simple functions, like checking for a new version.

The tools and little helpers have different tasks. Workdir simplifies our work with directories. Python Starter helps us run different scripts. We use the tools for AWS for provisioning resources. Especially for large tests, this allows us to launch multiple instances with the click of a button.

In the last few weeks, we have received a lot of feedback. We are trying to incorporate all suggestions into the tools. We are still looking forward to any request for our tools.

The following overview shows you all our tools. To learn more about each tool, we have created a separate detail page for each tool.

Tool Description Licence
AWS Manager Manage resources and instances Freeware
AWS EC2 Starter Overview and easy actions with AWS EC2 (Android App available) Freeware
AWS Fargate Starter Starting and Stopping Services within AWS Fargate/ECS with EC2 Freeware
AWS Lambda Starter Overview and easy actions with AWS Lambda (Android App available) Freeware
AWS RDS Starter Overview and easy actions with AWS RDS (Android App available) Freeware
Python Starter Execution of local Python scripts Freeware
Workdir Simplifies working with multiple directories Freeware

Feel free to share our tools with your colleagues and acquaintances. We use and extend these tools ourselves. Do you have any suggestions regarding our tools? We welcome any feedback. Each tool includes a function to check for updates. All tools are developed with Embarcadero Delphi 11 and can be run without installation.

We will release more tools little by little. Not only our internal tools. We still have some ideas that we would like to develop and publish. You can support us in the development. With a small financial support or recommendation of the tools. Of course you can also tell us your opinion about the tools. We are looking forward to constructive opinions.

Development of the tools

These tools were mostly developed as soon as an activity was performed more than once during development or in the project work. But also processes that were carried out in the background sometimes received a small tool. Historically, some little “helpers” are written in other languages than we consider our standard today. Therefore we will spend the effort to migrate one or the other tool. Our goal is to have no dependencies to any framework anymore. In the end, this was also one of the reasons to do the complete redevelopment of the USt-IdNr check (today ID Validation) to get rid of dependencies like .Net framework.

Our goal is that all these tools can be used in the same way:

Download and get started!