AWS Lambda Starter

erpware App – AWS Lambda Starter

For our internal administration, but also for our development, we now have a large number of AWS Lambda functions. To test these or to perform one-off actions, we have designed the AWS Lambda Starter. This allows us to launch an AWS Lambda function without having to log in to AWS.

AWS Lambda Starter
AWS Lambda Starter

With the AWS Lambda Starter, unlike the AWS Fargate Starter, we have done away with all the local requirements and also provide the backend.

At github you can download the backend repository for AWS Lambda Starter and modify it according to your requirements.

We cannot be held responsible for any damage to your AWS Lambda functions or underlying business processes.

Installation and configuration

Save the downloaded ewapps-aws-lambda.exe in a destination folder of your choice and launch the program. Afterwards enter the URL of the backend and the security string of your choice. Afterwards you will see all available AWS Lambda functions.


Next to each AWS Lambda function listed, you can see the runtime. To invoke a Lambda function, use the corresponding button. The result of the execution will be displayed afterwards. You cannot send a predefined payload directly through the application. If you need to pass certain additional data, please adapt the from the github repository.

Version information

As soon as we release a new version of AWS Lambda Starter, we will list the changes made to it in more detail here.

We are also very happy to receive your suggestions regarding the AWS Lambda Starter tool. We are looking forward to any feedback. Please use our contact form or support area for this purpose.

AWS Lambda Starter – 1.2
  • Improved error handling
  • Settings (URL, SecurityString) can now be transferred to the app via a QR code
  • CHG: Update Delphi 11
  • FIX: Minor UI issues
AWS Lambda Starter – 1.0
  • First version released


    This software AWS Lambda Starter is freeware and can be redistributed without our consent! We assume no liability for the software!

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