VAT-Validation — Validate VAT Numbers

Validate VAT Numbers

With our software VAT-Validation you can directly check individual VAT identification numbers. Choose between the interfaces of the Federal Central Tax Office or the online database of the European Commission. However, the main function of the software is to process imported files (batch processing).


    This allows you to integrate VAT-Validation into your existing ERP application just as easily. This allows you to regularly check your entire database or integrate it into your process landscape.

    Checking the VAT identification number (VAT ID) of the respective EU member states (European Union) is the responsibility of the respective company. If these numbers are not properly checked, claims may arise from the tax office, for example. This can also lead to criminal proceedings for attempted tax evasion (of VAT)!

    Our software VAT-Validation helps you to carry out the check. This way, you can easily protect yourself in case of intra-community deliveries and services.

    Since January 1, 2021, it is required that you check the validity of the VAT identification number before each legal transaction between companies and also prove this (UStAE § 18e.1).

    Function overview VAT-Validation

    Single query

    • no limitation of installations on the workstation
    • direct query and response of interfaces
    • manual vat validation can be used without licensing
    • VAT validation via standardized interface
    • simple or qualified confirmation (check the validity of a VAT ID by name)
    • Verification (usually) within a few seconds (depending on settings in the program)
    • Storage of raw data for auditing (supports UStAE § 18e.1)
    • Check at Bundeszentralamt für Steuern or VIES/MIAS of the European Commission

    Batch processing

    • Identical functions as single query
    • Processing (import) of
      • CSV
      • JSON
      • XLSX (Microsoft Excel)
    • detailed output to log files

    Background processing

    • Identical functions as batch processing
    • 100% integration into existing applications possible
    • Completely controllable via CLI parameters
    • Possibility of a central directory for processing in the background
    • Sending of e-mails to clerks

    Only the batch processing and command line functions of the VAT-Validation (background processing) require the purchase of a license.

    Validate VAT

    Performing a single query of a VAT registration number

    The single query is available to you free of charge. You may install the application on all computers. To use batch processing or processing in the background, you must purchase a license. You can find more information in the following overview. If you have further questions about our module, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and can help you with installation and setup.

    You may install VAT-Validation on any workstation in your company. This means that the VAT-Validation functions are automatically available to every employee in your company. If you use only the single query for the confirmation of a VAT ID number, no licensing is necessary on the workstation. For some queries, a dialog appears randomly. This dialog will no longer appear if you have a licensed version.

    The individual query takes over the call of the respective website of the BZSt or VIES for you. Our VAT-Validation uses the officially offered interface and returns the identical results. With the activated archive function, you also fulfill the change in the law according to section 18e.1. para. 5 UStA, which has been valid since January 2021.

    Here you are obliged to check and prove the validity of the VAT identification number before any legal transaction between companies.

    VAT Validation with batch processing

    The VAT-Validation supports several formats. Import files such as CSV, JSON or XLSX (Microsoft Excel) and thus check your entire database. Alternatively, run the check in the background.

    Do you want to check more than one record at a time? If you want to check multiple records at once, you can use batch processing to check VAT registration numbers. Whether as CSV, JSON or an existing Microsoft Excel (XLSX) file, batch processing can check these formats. All data from these documents will be checked against the interfaces of the BZSt or European Commission.

    The check result is subsequently also made available to you in the original format. According to section 18e.1. para. 5 UStA. every query and also the answer of the interface is logged in detail. The integrated raw data viewer supports you in your search.

    Using batch processing is very simple:

    Batch processing

    Select the file you want to import. Alternatively, drag and drop it to the VAT-Validation check tab. You can then check the entire file. The duration of the check is determined by several factors. The number of records and the response time of the interface. This results in about 300ms for each individual query.

    The single query is executed for each data record in the background. This allows you to provide the necessary proof in detail that you have checked the data.

    Setup command line interface (cli)

    You can automate the batch processing. The VAT-Validation service file is called from the command line with parameters. This allows you to set up the VAT-Validation as a background processing. But it can also be integrated directly into your application. This allows you to automate your entire verification process. Sending an e-mail with the results of the check is possible with background processing.

    You can learn how to set up the processing in the background in our documentation. Make all settings from the VAT-Validation interface. We have described all parameters additionally.

    If you have further questions, you can also have a look at our documentation. If there are still questions, please contact us. We will try to assist you as soon as possible.

    Recommendation for using our VAT Validation

    We are very often asked how to best use our module. We recommend checking your entire data stock at regular intervals. This prevents an old data stock. Furthermore, if it is possible, we recommend integrating our module directly into your ERP application. If this is not possible for you, talk to your administrator. He will create an export of all necessary data for you.

    You check this export afterwards with the batch processing. Ideally, check all data at least once a week. This reduces the effort in case of an invalid result and can be accommodated in your daily business. Start the VAT-Validation in the morning. Maintenance work on the interfaces of the offices is usually carried out between 23:00 and 05:00. Avoid checking your total inventory during this time.

    Unfortunately, the runtime for checking a single VAT registration number can vary greatly. From a few milliseconds (normal case) to several minutes, checking a VAT number can take a long time.

    We have invested a lot of time over the years to get these variations under control. Some result codes lead us to believe that the check has run into a timeout. Therefore, we check these numbers again internally. How often a record is repeatedly checked is set in the program. You also have the option to disable the rechecking.

    Notes for VAT-Validation

    We assume no liability for any data loss that may occur due to the use of the VAT-Validation module.

    The VAT Validation also has no influence on the determined result values. The program returns the results of the VAT-Validation only in a defined format (CSV, JSON or XLSX). All other fields that are not necessary for the check are not output in the file with the check results.

    We do not see your data. You send your data directly to the official interfaces. Unlike some other available applications, we have no interest in getting your customer data. All data is transmitted encrypted. We only collect a statistical value that comes with checking for a valid license.

    The interface of the Bundeszentralamt für Steuern (BZSt) or the European Commission may change. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing this in advance. As soon as we have knowledge of it, we will perform the update. This is usually done within 24h after knowledge.

    We update our Documentation of the VAT-Validation at regular intervals. This way we can ensure that all important information is available for the user. In the event of changes in the application that do not require special instructions for operation, we do not compulsorily update this documentation.

    Further information

    The structure of a country’s VAT registration number is very well described on wikipedia. For customers from Germany, we generally recommend the interface of the BZSt. In the future, we would also like to connect the direct offices of other EU countries. Talk to us if you can support us in this.