Website Relaunch

We are very pleased to introduce our new website today. In the last months we evaluated a lot of systems and integrated them into the “old” website. After some time we had to realize that it was stuck at one or the other place. So our decision was made to turn everything completely upside down! A new website is to be set up.

With today’s relaunch, we can switch off all integrated third-party systems. We operate our store ourselves, have integrated ticket management and can now also provide individual software for our customers much more easily. This was previously only possible with a so-called system break.

Software products

Also, after a few months and working through a lot of feedback from our customers, we decided to split ID Validation into individual products. This allows us to bring new features into individual applications faster, contrary to the original idea. Without having to run the complete test scenario. The modules are now divided into the following products:

We would like to thank all ID Validation customers for the great feedback. In our new products you will have the same functionality as in the current version of ID Validation. ID Validation will be supported by us until the year 2022.

Website Relaunch
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