Workaround for file import

Unfortunately, we found out today that we have an error in the imports (ID Validation, VAT-Validation, EORI -Validation, Swiss UID-Validation and Duplicate Check).

The case-sensitive XLSX and CSV (when column headers are used) now only recognizes lowercase letters.

A workaround for the bug is to write the headings completely in lowercase, as described in the respective documentation. We are working on fixing the problem and will gradually release the corrected versions starting tomorrow.

The following versions are affected:

SoftwareVersions affectedcorrected in version
ID Validation<= 1.5.6>= 1.5.7
VAT-Validation<= 2022.01.12>= 2002.01.18
EORI-Validation<= 2022.01.12>= 2002.01.18
Swiss UID-Validation<= 2022.01.12>= 2002.01.18
Duplicate Check<= 2021.12.20not yet available

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Workaround for file import
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