Overview of our tools

Over time, we have written a lot of small tools that make it easier for us to work. Partially recurring tasks, such as opening a directory within a command line/shell, or starting and stopping services within our AWS environment that are not permanently needed. The following table gives you an overview. To learn more about each tool, have created a separate detail page for each tool.

Tool Description Licence
AWS EC2 Starter Overview and easy actions with AWS EC2 (Android App available) Freeware
AWS Fargate Starter Starting and Stopping Services within AWS Fargate/ECS with EC2 Freeware
AWS lambda Starter Overview and easy actions with AWS Lambda (Android App available) Freeware
AWS RDS Starter Overview and easy actions with AWS RDS (Android App available) Freeware
Python Starter Execution of local Python scripts Freeware
Workdir Simplifies working with multiple directories Freeware

You are welcome to share the tools with colleagues and acquaintances. The software is “AS-IT-IS”, i.e. we have left the functions as far as possible as we use them internally. Only the interface has been adapted so that the operation can be done more intuitively.

We still have a lot of more of these small tools that we want to publish gradually in this area. Before that, however, we revise it again and bring these into an identical layout, add some error handling, and make the data configurable. One or the other tool is also available without a user interface to be. Perhaps we will invest the effort and give the one or the other command line tool a surface.

Development of the tools

These tools were usually developed as soon as an activity has been performed more than once during development or in project work. But also processes that were carried out in the background have partly received a small tool. Historically, some small “helpers” in other languages than we consider our standard today. That’s why we’re going to put the effort on one or the other tool and migrate. Our goal is that we no longer have dependencies on a framework. In the end, this was also one of the reasons perform the complete redevelopment of the VAT Validation (now ID Validation) to solve us from dependencies such as .Net framework.

Our goal is that all these tools can be used in the same way: **Download and get started! **